Our Journey

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Our Journey began in 2001, when our MD visited a sick feed manufacturing unit in Dera Bassi, Punjab near Rajpura, on the invitation of one of his business associates. As our MD puts in his own words, “I was not able to understand why a unit which was operating in such an essential industry not able to flourish. Soon, I decided to carry on a market survey to understand what the market wanted and where the gap was”. He felt that the market was grappling with the issues of poor quality feed and low Feed Coversion Ratio (FCR), due to widespread use of feed in mash form. Internationally, the broiler feed industry had long moved from feeding in Mash form to Pellet form, resulting in better FCR and low cost of production for broiler chicken.

It was here, that he saw a huge opportunity of introducing the market to the benefits of pelletised feed. With this vision, our first pellet mill was installed in Rajpura, Punjab. It had a robust beginning with a monthly average production of 1500 metric tons of poultry feed in the first year.

The Group further grew its operations to the northern states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir, which were traditionally challenging markets for poultry due to their extreme and harsh climatic conditions. Backed by superior feed performance, resulting in healthy economic returns for its customers, the group rapidly expanded its’ operations and became one of the leading brands in the northern markets.

Soon the Group felt the need to expand its business to the north-eastern region of India and the growth story continued with the installation of a pellet feed plant in Siliguri, West Bengal, which is known as the gateway to the north-east.

Today, as a group , we operate our own manufacturing units in 7 different states from Jammu & Kashmir to Tripura with a manufacturing unit at almost every 500 kms between these regions. This network has been built with the vision to provide highest quality broiler feed to our customers.