Premium 4500

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Suitable for the following animals

For cows producing upto 15 litres of milk.

Procedure for feeding the animal for the first time

On the first day, mix only 10% Nutritech Animal Feed with the fodder being given to the animals. After this, progressively increase the amount of Nutritech Animal Feed for the next 10 days.

Procedure for feeding

Soak the Nutritech Animal Feed in water for 15-20 minutes, and then mix with dry and green fodder and feed the animals.

Mix Nutritech Animal Feed with dry straws and green grass and mash it together and feed the animals.


Manufactured according to the physical needs and milk production of milch cows.

Optimum balance of energy and protein.

Contains vitamins and minerals.

Full of nutrients which are easily digested.

Balanced amino acids and for better health and production.

Recommended dose

1.5 kg per day for a healthy body

For Milk, 400 gm per litre

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